realignment re‧a‧lign‧ment [ˌriːəˈlaɪnmənt] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. ECONOMICS a change in the exchange rate between currencies:

• a realignment of currency values

2. a change in the way that a company is organized:

• The corporate realignment involved moving senior managers to the company headquarters in Santa Monica.

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realignment UK US /ˌriːəˈlaɪnmənt/ noun [C or U]
WORKPLACE the process of changing the way a company or organization works or does business: »

The realignment comes at a time of rapid change in the online advertising market, as advances in technology create new opportunities for advertising.

realignment of sth »

They're making an effort to boost supply capacity amid a global realignment of the industry.


organizational/management/internal realignments


a major/radical/strategic realignment


a realignment plan/process/exercise

ECONOMICS the process of changing the value of a currency compared to the value of other currencies or of changes in interest rates: »

Most people in Europe would be happier if the burden of the dollar's realignment were shared more evenly.

realignment of sth »

Realignments of exchange rates can be potentially disruptive.


currency realignment

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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